Monday, March 28, 2022

Movie Reviews: Part 1

    I'm not even going to justify the reason it has taken so long for me to blog again. All I can say is, life sort of got in the way. All that matters now, is that I'm back and ready to write movie reviews again. I will not be focusing just on old films, but rather films that I've either enjoyed immensely, or couldn't stand one bit. 

Fresh (2022): Directed by Mimi Cave
Starring Daisy Edgar-Jones and Sebastian Stan

The film starts off innocently enough between a young woman and slightly older man meeting up and eventually hooking up. After our leading lady believes that she and the gentleman are going away for the weekend, that's when things drastically change. It's quirky, fun, and filled with lots of edge of seat moments. I highly recommend it if you are into lighter horror.

My rating is **** 1/2 stars

Highly Recommend!!

Five Came Back (1939): Directed by John Farrow
Starring Chester Morris, Lucille Ball, Joseph Calleia, and Patric Knowles

When a plane crash lands in the middle of a jungle, eleven strangers must learn to survive among the wilderness and each other. An action adventure that has a lot of pep in its step. I really enjoyed the film, and thought that the cast worked perfectly together. I loved seeing the tension build between certain characters, and was completely struck by the character of some of these individuals.

My Rating is **** 1/2

For Pete's Sake (1974): Directed by Peter Yates
Starring Barbra Streisand and Michael Sarrazin

A young married woman wanting to help her husband in his future endeavors, goes to great lengths to make it happen in some very unusual ways. I will be honest, I really didn't care too much for Michael Sarrazin in this role, but overall this film was zany, crazy, quirky, and just plain old fun. The trouble that the young wife gets herself into is by far so outlandish and ridiculous, but it's just so damn entertaining. Barbra Streisand owns the role and carries the movie.
 It's not a film to take very seriously at all. Just a good time.

My Rating is **** 1/2 

So there you have it, my reviews for the last week of March. I will return next week with more movie reviews. Stay tuned!

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