Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This or That

We often are asked which actor is better than the other and I'm often in the middle of it but here are some of my picks for my favorites out of the two actors/actresses.

Bette Davis or Joan Crawford- This is a difficult one because I'm always in the middle about the two. I thin they were both amazing actresses but I think I like Bette just a little bit more.

Paul Newman or Robert Redford- I adore Paul Newman but Robert Redford is the man in my book.

Sidney Poitier or Harry Belafonte- I've only seen one movie of Harry's and Sidney's one of my favorite actors, so I'll go with Sidney.

Frank Sinatra or Bing Crosby- Frank Sinatra all the way, his voice makes me melt. haha

Tyrone Power or Errol Flynn- I've liked Tyrone since seeing him in "The Mark of Zorro'' and I haven't seen much of Errol's movies, so Tyrone's my pick.

Greta Garbo or Marlene Dietrich- Greta Garbo is one of my favorite actresses, so I would be picking her

Johnny Mack Brown or Charles "Buddy" Rogers- They are both so adorable but Buddy is so good in "Wings".

Robert Cummings or Robert Montgomery- Ohhh this is a tough one but I'm going with Robert Cummings

Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn- Another tough one, their acting styles are completely different from one another. Right now I'm in an Audrey Hepburn mood, so I'm going with her but I love watching Marilyn's movies.

Marlon Brando or Montgomery Clift- I do think Marlon is a fantastic actor but I always enjoyed watching Monty's films. In fact I've only three of his films that I need to see of his.

Clara Bow or Louise Brooks- Clara Bow but I like Louise's style.

Janet Gaynor or Mary Pickford- I'm probably going to be the only to say this but Janet is my pick. If you haven't seen any of her movies, go and watch "Seventh Heaven".

Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly- I constantly go back and forth on this one, Fred dancing style was very classy and debonair. While Gene on the other hand was sporty and manly. This one sure is tough but I'm going to go with Gene.

Judy Garland or Deanna Durbin- Judy Garland all the way!

Joan Fontaine or Jennifer Jones- Jennifer Jones is a great actress but I've been a fan of Joan for quite some time.

Clark Gable or Cary Grant- Another easy one for me, Cary Grant!

William Holden or Gary Cooper- I feel quite neutral about both of them but I think the Coop gets this because of "Pride of the Yankees".

Dana Andrews or Joseph Cotten- I love these two men very much, so I'm afraid I can't choose between the two. I'm picking both. haha

Anyone can join and do this, I'd love to hear your picks.

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Genevieve said...

Okay, this is going to be hard because I'm so indecisive but here are my choices:

Davis or Crawford: Hmm...that's a tough choice but I think I'll go with Davis.

Newman or Redford: Newman, hands down! Those beautiful blue eyes get me every time.

Poitier or Belafonte: Poitier, I haven't seen any of Belafonte's films.

Sinatra or Crosby: Definitely Sinatra. That voice and those eyes turn me to jelly.

Power or Flynn: Power

Garbo or Dietrich: I have to go with Dietrich just because I like her accent better : )

Brown or Rogers: Brown

Cummings or Montgomery: Cummings, he is amazing in Saboteur.

Monroe or Hepburn: I'm a Hepburn girl.

Brando or Clift: Love them both, but I love Brando. On the Waterfront cemented that one for me.

Bow or Brooks: Bow

Gaynor or Pickford: Pickford

Astaire or Kelly: Tie, I can't possibly decide between the two.

Garland or Durbin: Garland!!!

Fontaine or Jones: I love Fontaine. Amazing, especially in Rebecca.

Gable or Grant: I'm in love with Cary Grant : )

Holden or Cooper: I've loved all the Cooper movies I've seen

Andrews or Cotten: Nope, I can't choose either.