Monday, January 5, 2009

Goals for '09 Classic Movie Style

1. Work on Old Movie Book, If you want to know anything about it, just ask. I won't mind

2. Watch more Silent films!

3. Read more biographies and autobiographies of stars from the past

4. Watch more film noirs, sci-fi's, and westerns

5. Watch a movie per day or per week

6. Work more on my Old Hollywood, Jeffrey Lynn, and Dana Andrews' myspace pages

7. Buy some more Old Movies

8. Watching more Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck movies

9. I randomly picked to watch more of their movies and to learn more about and they are- Eve Arden, Danny Kaye, Marion Davies, and Betty Grable.

10. Write more Blogs!

11. Watch some Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, and Roscoe Arbuckle films/shorts.

Do you have any goals for 09?


C.K. Dexter Haven said...

So far, I have two:

1) Watch as many Susan Hayward movies as possible. That won't be easy, as there aren't many on DVD. I don't get TCM or FMC, so my work's cut out for me. I also aim to find as many books on her as I can.

2) Learn more about the pre-Code era; my ignorance on the subject will astound you!

Kate Gabrielle said...

You said you wouldn't mind so.... what is your old movie book? Also where can I find your Dana Andrews myspace page :)

Nicole said...

I'm hoping to write a book about the underrated actors and actresses from the golden age.

The Dana Andrews' myspace page is

theduckthief said...

If you're a fan of Gary Cooper and Barbara, I recommend "Ball of Fire" if you haven't seen it.