Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh me, Oh My

So I'm splitting my blog into two, so first up is my current obsession with Marge + Gower Champion. Last Friday, I was watching "Three for the Show" and hadn't realized who Gower and Marge were until I finally looked them up. They were the most famous dancing married couple. I was just mesmerized by their dancing and their chemistry. No, they weren't better than Fred and Ginger but they were pretty darn good. I kept yelling at the t.v., hoping that Gower didn't go back to Betty Grable's character. Below is the link to the video of one of my favorite scenes from the movie, that unfortunately doesn't include Marge.


Marge and Gower married in 1947 until 1973. Gower passed away in the 80's from a rare blood cancer but Marge is still alive(she'll be 90 in September). If you haven't seen these two before, definitely go check them out.

Next up is some pic spam!

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Laura said...

Really like your blog!! :)