Thursday, February 19, 2009


Don't you hate feeling sick, all week I've been under the weather. So to make me feel better, here is some picture spam! I'll probably be posting the Ray Milland/Underdog Series 3 in a couple of days. I'm going to sit back and enjoy some 42nd Street. Enjoy the pics!

Joan Fontaine + Gary Cooper after winning best actress + best actor for their films "Suspicion" and "Sergeant York"

Myrna Loy + William Powell in "The Thin Man"

Boris Karloff + Colin Clive off-set for either "Frankenstein" or "The Bride of Frankenstein"

"Four Daughters"- Lola Lane, Priscilla Lane, Gale Page, Claude Rains, + Rosemary Lane

"Mrs.Parkington""- Greer Garson + Walter Pidgeon

Natalie Wood

"Two for the Road"- Audrey Hepburn + Albert Finney


Raquelle said...

Feel better. :)

I love that Thin Man picture. Excellent!

Millie said...

I hope you feel better! I hate being sick!

I just love these pics. Especially (as Raquelle said), the William and Myrna.

Kate Gabrielle said...

Get better soon!!

I love the Frankenstein picture-- It sort of looks like Colin Clive is taking Boris Karloff's temperature! lol

Anonymous said...

Hello! I found this site by accident, while looking for info on my Favourite, Colin Clive. I, too, love that shot. It shows the typical comeraderie that happens when Brit meets up with Brit. By all accounts, Clive was an extremely quiet and reserved fellow who was congenial when working, but one who kept entirely to himself when not. While he had severe alcohol problems, his co-workers all seem to remember his with kindness and compassion.