Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I know that I promised to write the Ray Milland blog but I'm still sick. I'm hoping by tomorrow, that I'll be fine. I'm so sorry for not writing it sooner but being sick is really killing me. So once again, enjoy some pic spam, this time though it'll be Ray Milland pictures. ;)

an older Ray

Ray and his wife Malvina

Ray, Gary Cooper, and Robert Preston in "Beau Geste"

"The Big Clock"

Ray and Grace Kelly for a publicity shot for "Dial M for Murder"

Jane Wyman and Ray in "The Lost Weekend"

"Dial M for Murder" - Robert Cummings, Grace Kelly, and Ray


The Maiden said...

I look forward to your Ray Milland post, but really really love the pictures of him here :)

Do get well soon :)


Millie said...

Oh, get better soon!

Ray is very patient...just look how long he waited for an Oscar.

And look how long he's still waiting to get the just recognition he deserves!

-A devoted Milland fan...;-)

BTW, love the picspam!

Kate Gabrielle said...

Aww, feel better soon!!!

I can't wait to see your Ray Milland blog post- I am huge fan!