Monday, March 16, 2009

Who I'm obsessed with this week

I was watching BioClassics with Elvis + June and have a new found appreciation for Elvis. He had a side of such kindness and I love that he was so dedicated to his Mom. How cute is that?

Ronald Colman, Cary Grant, and Jean Arthur in "Talk of the Town" I saw this movie about a month ago and loved it ever since that I had to record to the DVR again just see the amazing trio again.

Edward G.Robinson in "The Whole Town's Talking" Last night, I watched "The Whole Town's Talking" and have a new adoration for Edward G.Robinson. He was marvelous in the duel roles. :)

Watching episodes of "Password" with Peter Lawford in it, man was he competitive. I would have loved to have him as my partner for Password, he was a genius at it. :) I'm going to have to post some clips of him on "Password", I heard that he was the Lightning Round Champion, getting it done in 12 seconds. Wow!

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