Monday, April 13, 2009

Stuck in an elevator with who???

Personally for me, I hate elevators and the mere thought of being stuck in one makes me nauseous but what if you had someone there to comfort you and make you feel less nauseous. Someone who could calm you down and help you get out of the elevator quickly and easily. Who could be that one person, who could have that soothing voice that would be able to both calm you and make you get out of there as soon as possible? Well here are the results of the poll!

I'm seriously not surprised that no one chose Joan Crawford because quite frankly don't you think that you would be the one trying to calm her down? That's what I think and that's why Joan walked away with 0 votes and she's not too happy about it either. You better keep the wire hangers far far away from her or she'll get you.

James Dean really felt he could do better, but his hiding away didn't help the matter... He came out with 1 vote. Maybe he's terrified of elevators too, who knows...

It was a three way tie, with each getting 2 votes but still not enough to get to the top. Gene Kelly tried to charm you but you just weren't interested and Joan and Loretta tried so hard to talk to you but you pushed them away. You were beginning to panic, there's no need to talk if you feel nauseated. Joan at least feels happy that she got more votes than the other Joan(Crawford).
Loretta just shines her dazzling smile and will try harder to get your votes next time.

Gene feels the defeat but won't show his defeat. He just keeps on dancing...

Joan just smells the flowers and forgets the whole matter ever occurred.

Coming in second was the very very charming Cary Grant and Fred Astaire. They nearly made it to the top but still not close enough. At least they stole your hearts for a while, right? They both came in with 4 votes. The oldest competitors thought they could win it but they were wrong.Both men continue to show their charming selves even after loosing....

But the one person that you could really rely on was the one and only Miss Barbara Stanwyck. Who so kindly told you to calm down and to relax and showed you how to get out of the elevator. What a nice lady! Barbara is quite proud of her accomplishment and she was thanked by the 7 votes that she received.

So yeah I'm sorry I haven't been on but it's been very hectic because of the Easter holiday and everything. But I will get some new stuff up this week, so you better be on the watch. I will have the new poll up today, so make sure to vote on that.I hope you all had a fantastic Easter yesterday! Ta-Ta for now. :)


Kate Gabrielle said...

I voted for Barbara Stanwyck, but if Dana Andrews had been on that list, I probably would have switched my vote :)

Sarah said...

I know I voted, but I totally forgot who. Anyhow, being stuck in an elevator with Fred Astaire would be totally swoon worthy!