Wednesday, July 8, 2009

2nd Round of Dating Game Questions Answered!

Marsha patiently waits for her date as she fixes her hair.....

As promised, here are the Questions you asked and the Answers the Bachelors' Answered.

Meredith Asked-

Bachelor #1- What would your preferred spot for a romantic getaway?

B#1 says- The preferred spot for a romantic getaway in my opinion would be to go to Bermuda.

Bachelor #2- Do you have any children from previous marriages?

B#2 says- I have two children, a girl and a boy.

Bachelor #3- Do you prefer to go out to the many Hollywood hot spots or stay in with a few close friends?

B#3 says- I do occasionally like to go to the hot spots but I'd much rather stay in with a few close friends.

Millie Asks-

Bachelor #1- Do you enjoy watching your own films over and over again?

B#1 says- I would watch it once, to see the mistakes and errors I had made during the film. Then I would try to improve those mistakes.

Bachelor #2- Were you born in Great Britain?

B#2 says- No, but I was born in Europe.

Bachelor #3- Did you prefer the serious dramatic work or the light roles?

B#3 says- I prefer to do the serious dramatic work because I feel I have more range to express my emotions.

Lolita Asks-

Bachelor #1- Are you from Austria?

B#1 says- No but I did travel there during WWII as a soldier.

Bachelor #2- Have you played in any famous crime dramas?

B#2 says- No but I was in several crime dramas but they were never as popular as some films.

Bachelor #3- What decade is your "golden age"? l.e, When were you at your greatest?

B#3 says- During the 1940's, I had my greatest years because as the acting giants were off in the war, I was making films and my popularity was big during that time.

Casey Asks-

Bachelor #1- When did you make your first film?

B#1 says- I made my first film in 1938.

Bachelor #2- Are you an inventor?

B#2 says- No

Bachelor #3- Were you ever married to Ann Sheridan?

B#3- No but I was married to an Anne.

Okay so there you have it, we will do one more round of questions and then you guys and gals will get to choose which bachelor is going to date Marsha Hunt. I should note to the newer people of my blog, that you can ask some questions as well if you want that is. Ta-Ta for now. :)

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