Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Winner Announced!!!!

Two weeks ago, I had announced that I was going to have a contest and the winner was going to win Icons of Screwball DVD, that features four great comedies including "Too Many Husbands" and "My Sister Eileen". What you had to do in order to enter into the contest, was to write an entry about which film you would have liked to be and then email me the entry. After many entries, today I had to choose who the winner was. It was like choosing who my favorite kid(and I don't even have kids!) was, seriously it was hard! If I ever do another contest, I'm going to make sure it's a lot less painful. Haha Anywho, for me it really boiled down to two people- Millie and Kate. Though the other entries were good, none could compare to Millie's humor or Kate's eloquent entry. So I had to choose between the two and it took me a while but the winner of my contest is......................


Congrats to Kate and also AMAZING job to Millie. I really loved everyone's and if I could I would send a movie to you all.

So I will be emailing the winner to verify if I have her correct address and she will receive her movies in the mail soon. Thanks to all of those who participated!!!

I will be posting the next post of my fashion series either tomorrow or on Friday, it all depends on how the day goes but hopefully tomorrow.

Ta-Ta for Now!


Kate Gabrielle said...

Thanks Nicole!

ps. You should actually start this as a tag, I'd love to know everyone's picks for what film they'd transport themselves to!

Casey said...

Congrats to Kate! I can just see her now, lounging in her large frame sunglasses and enjoying a tall glass of grapefruit juice while watching the films. :)

I second the motion to start this as a tag - I'll do it, if you start it! :)

Juliette. said...

Congratulations Kate!
Which film didja want to be in? :)

Millie said...

Yay, congrats Kate!

And thanks Nicole for the sweet comment!!!!