Saturday, August 29, 2009

Elizabeth's Two Sisters Tag

A couple of days ago, I was tagged by Kate so here are my responses to Elizabeth's Two Sisters Tag!

1. Do you like Greta Garbo?

Yes I love her movies but like Kate, I think I like her talkies more than her silent movies

2. In Buster Keaton's MGM films, do his gestures and his plots resemble those of Harry Langdon?
I'm afraid I haven't seen any of Harry Langdon's yet but looking forward to seeing them.

3. Who is your favorite director of silent dramas?
Frank Borzage

4. Do Harold Lloyd's movies (movies, not shorts) drag along?
Sometimes they can

5. Who made better silent shorts, Mack Sennett or Hal Roach?
Hal Roach

6. Is Al. St. John a genuine heavy, or a baby heavy? (This is based on the idea of the "Baby Vamp" which was the character of the girl who was vampish, but not a vamp.)
Ummm I'm not sure who Al St. John is. Sorry!

7. Do you like 1920's musicals?
Yes I do like them :) I like musicals from the 1920's to the 1960's.

8. Do you like Al Jolson's movies?
I actually haven't seen his movies but I have heard his music and thought it was good.

9. Who is your favorite animal star?
I'm going to have to go with Kate on this one, Asta! I loved him in The Thin Man, hehe

Whoever wishes to be tagged, is now tagged! :)

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