Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Where I find Jeffrey Lynn pictures

Jeffrey Lynn in "Law of the Tropics" Picture available to buy on ebay

Being an old movie fan, I love to find pictures of my favorite actors and actresses. I thought I would share some websites, that I usually use to find new pictures. Enjoy and I promise that tomorrow I will be writing my review on "Lost Lagoon"(1958) in which Jeffrey Lynn starred in. I also did a Q + A with my Mom and I will be posting that very soon. And finally..... I will be posting a pic spam blog post for Marge Champion, who turned 90 on the 2nd.
- Just type in the person you are looking for, and typically pictures will come up - Jeffrey Lynn memorabilia and photographs
- Same as ebay, type in who you are looking for, and a link will come up, click on that and it will direct you to some pictures.
- Jeffrey Lynn Pictures(3 Pages!)
- Type in who you're looking for and pictures will be available and some dating gossip about them.
- Apparently Jeffrey Lynn dated Rosemary Lane, I still haven't been able to find much info on a possible fling between the two but it's still fun to think they dated!
- So many pictures of actors and actresses!! - A ton of Jeffrey Lynn pictures, that I can't wait to buy!!! (6 pages of pictures of him!)

There are plenty more websites out there, that have pictures on old hollywood actors but I thought I would give you a sampling of what's out there. Ta-Ta for now!

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Kate Gabrielle said...

wow thanks for these links Nicole!! I'm always looking for new spots to find pictures. I usually end up looking on google & flickr which is sometimes really futile.