Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ageless:Joel McCrea

I wanted to post this a few days ago, but I was both sidetracked and things were so hectic, that I just never got around to doing it. I'm sorry for that but today, I've got it posted.

Even if I had randomly chosen out of the comments, it would have been the same person- Joel McCrea. Nearly every one, who had posted comments wanted to see Joel, next as a candidate on Ageless, so now I shall give you some pictures of him, from his early days in Hollywood to his latter days. Joel McCrea was born on November 5th 1905 in South Pasadena, California and died 84 years later on October 20th 1990 in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California. Joel's career spanned from 1927 in the film "The Fair Co-ed" as a student and ended his career in 1976 in the film "Mustang Country", after 49 years in the movie business. With Joel, the older he got, the more rugged and masculine he appeared.

For some reason, I had a very difficult time, trying to find pictures of Joel after 1962, so I'm giving you him from the early 1930's to the 1960's. I hope that you'll enjoy it, anyway even though I didn't deliver the best. ;)

Around 1924-1930

"Bird of Paradise"(1932) with Dolores Del Rio

"Barbary Coast"(1935)

Best Films of his from the 1930's-
"Bird of Paradise"(1932)
"The Most Dangerous Game"(1932)
"The Silver Cord"(1933)
"These Three"(1936)
"Come and Get It"(1936)
"Dead End"(1937)
"Union Pacific"(1939)

At a dinner in 1938 with Lili Damita

"Sullivan's Travels"(1941)

Best Films of his from the 1940's-
"Primrose Path"(1940)
"Foreign Correspondent"(1940)
"Sullivan's Travel"(1941)
"The Palm Beach Story"(1942)
"The More the Merrier"(1943)

From the film "The Virginian"(1946)

With his son Jody in 1955. Jody would became famous on his own, appearing in several beach films with Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon in the 1960's.

Best Films of his from the 1950's-
"Stars in My Crown"(1950)
"Fort Massacre"(1958)
"The Gunfight at Dodge City"(1959)

From 1959 to 1960, Joel and his son Jody appeared together on a television show called "Wichita Town". The show ran for 26 episodes.

At Cecil B. DeMille's funeral- 1959

From the film "Ride the High Country"(1962)

Best Films of his from the 1960's-
"Ride the High Country"(1962)

We've now had two rounds of men, so for the next installment of Ageless, it'll be a woman. The choices are-

*Myrna Loy
*Ava Gardner
* Sophia Loren
*Audrey Hepburn

The next installment of Ageless will be next Wednesday, so be sure to vote on who you would like to see next.

Tomorrow, I will be posting my new series "Forgotten Mavericks of Hollywood", where I'll showcase an actor that isn't often remembered today and putting some attention onto them. I'm also going to put up the next installment up of "Forgotten Starlets of Hollywood" on Friday with Betty Field. And finally, I will be posting my next installment of "Gone too Soon" on either Saturday or Sunday. More blog posts to be coming within a couple of days, so stay tuned!


Kate Gabrielle said...

I love the picture you found from Bird of Paradise!

I think I vote for Ava Gardner :)

Amanda Cooper said...

Myrna Loy, by all means!

Elizabeth said...

Oh I loved him in "Sullivan's Travels"! Great post!

Millie said...

Love this post! Joel is so amazing.


Mercurie said...

I think Joel McCrea was one of those actors who really improved with age. The rugged look definitely suited him well. Indeed, the film I remember him best from is Ride the High Country.

Tom said...

Oh Nicole - did you not see "Stars in My Crown", or just not like it, from the 1950s. My opinion, one of his best movies! He also made some others with director Jacques Tourneur. Great photos!

Nicole said...

Sorry Tom, I completely forgot to add it to the list. I now have it there, I'm terribly sorry for that! I haven't yet seen it but from what you said about it, I'm looking forward to checking it out! :)

Tom said...

Oh, it's so good.

DKoren said...

Lovely post! I just adore Joel. As cute as he is when he's young (love the Bird of Paradise pic, and glad you could use my Barbary Coast one! yay!), it's in Ride the High Country that he stole my heart forever. Now, that's a man.

My vote is for Sophia Loren.

KC said...

I love Joel yay! He aged so well. That last picture is amazing. I must second Tom's suggestion that you see "Stars in My Crown"--it's incredibly touching. I can't believe it isn't more popular.

Daniela said...

I vote for Myrna Loy, of course!

Anonymous said...
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