Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Very Happy Birthday to one of the loveliest actresses- Joan Fontaine

Today is Joan Fontaine's 92nd birthday and in honor of her birthday, I thought it was necessary to do a special birthday picspam for her. So Enjoy and make sure to watch one of her movies today, to celebrate her birthday!!!

Joan and Louis Jourdan in "Letter from an Unknown Woman"

From 1967 with Olivia De Havilland

Off set with Louis Jourdan

Cary Grant and Joan in "Suspicion"

Laurence Olivier and Joan in "Rebecca"


Kate Gabrielle said...

Happy Birthday Joan!! :)

I really need to see Letter from an Unknown Woman! It looks so good!

KC said...

I love the pictures--yay Joan!

Princess Fire and Music said...

I had no idea Joan Fontaine's birthday was the 22nd. It's an awesome day to be born on.

Mercurie said...

The pictures are so great!

Tom said...

I don't think "The Constant Nymph" is out on DVD. Hard to find :(

Nasim said...

Very nice actresses. She done very very Sexy movies for many times.
I like her very much. Happy Birthday to Joan Fontaine. I am a big fan of her.
Best of luck to her.
have a nice time
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Lolita said...

Lovely pictures! I think I will make a desktop wallpaper of the first one...
Louis Jourdan is dangerously attractive, by the way.

Ceci said...

Awww!! I love Joan!! and truly she is one of the most stunning and talented actressess of Golden Hollywood, and I'm so happy that she is still with us!
Keep on Jo!!!