Sunday, January 17, 2010

365 Movies: How to Succeed in Business... Review

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying stars Robert Morse, Michele Lee, and Rudy Vallee in this 1967 musical comedy. The film is about Finch(Morse), who dreams of making it to the top and when he finds a book that tells you how to succeed in business. Using the book as his guide, Finch goes from nothing to office boy very shortly, and then after making it as an office boy, his career jumps up to the next level. Finch basically does nothing at all, but he continually gets a better and better job. He lies and cheats his way to top, and even gets others fired, so he can have their job. Robert Morse reminded so much of Jerry Lewis and the way he acted was so Jerry. I thought Michele Lee did very well for her first feature film. Rudy Vallee was fun to watch and he was quite hilarious. I imagine that the Broadway show is just like the movie, it just seemed to have the vibe of a Broadway show.

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Jennifer said...

I loved this movie when I saw it. So cute and funny.

Mercurie said...

This is one of my favourite musicals from the Sixties. And I honestly think that only The Apartment and Mad Men capture that office vibe better. Definitely a fun film to watch!

Millie said...

I really should watch this!

BTW, random cool trivia fact! Both, Michele and Rudy played recurring characters on AS&J and Morse played a character pretending to be The Kid in one ep, so, yeah...that's completely random, but...HAHA!

Wendymoon said...

I find Morse to be so cute in this movie. I'm sure his being on Mad Men is due to his role in How to Succeed. Rudee Valee is great, too. Such a fun movie.

Love your 365 movies idea. That's movie dedication!