Monday, January 25, 2010

365 Movies: It Should Happen to You Review

It Should Happen to You stars Judy Holliday, Jack Lemmon, and Peter Lawford in this 1954 film directed by George Cukor. The movie is about Gladys Glover(Holliday), who wants her name in the lights and for the world to know who she is. While down on her luck though, she meets Peter Sheppard(Lemmon) who helps turn her negativity into a positive situation for the both of them. Peter soon falls for her but Gladys' self centered attitude puts a distance between the two. Another thing that splits the two apart is Evan Adams III(Lawford), who is also interested in Gladys- both in the romantic way and in the business way. This movie is sweet, simple, and romantic without being boring or obnoxious. Judy and Jack are so sweet and endearing together and simplicity between one another is what makes them work so well together. Peter is devilishly handsome and he plays the role magnificently. Between this and Phffft!(The other movie Jack and Judy did together), I would say I like this one better.

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Sally said...

I love this movie! I discovered Judy Holliday through this one (she's now one of my favorite actresses). And I agree - I like this one better than "Phffft" as well. Great review!

KC said...

This is my favorite Jack and Judy flick. Phfft had its moments, but it didn't ever get the rhythm going like this one. I think their spats are so funny. They had great chemistry; it would have been fun if they had become a longstanding team like Powell and Loy or Hepburn and Tracy.