Friday, January 29, 2010

365 Movies: My Sister Eileen Review

My Sister Eileen stars Rosalind Russell, Brian Aherne, Janet Blair, George Tobias, and Allyn Joslyn in this 1942 film. The film is about two sisters- Ruth(Russell) and Eileen(Blair) who move to New York hoping for something bigger and better to approach them. After a few days in the New York, Ruth and Eileen feel their luck is out until they meet a slew of zany characters such as slime ball Chic Clark(Joslyn) and the adorable couple The Loomis'(Gordon Jones and Jeff Donnell). They also meet editor Bob Baker(Aherne), who is so headstrong about proving his boss wrong, that he ends up getting himself fired from him job. I didn't like that there wasn't much Aherne in the movie, especially when he is so good with comedy. I would have definitely have liked to have seen more of him in the movie. Russell and Blair were so sweet as Ruth and Eileen and you could honestly believe the two to be sisters. Now I'm not one for remakes but I did like the remake of this more. I mean, overall the movie wasn't bad but I liked the 1955 version a lot more. I guess it was because of Jack Lemmon and Bob Fosse in the remake that did it for me. A bonus about this movie, is at the end, The Three Stooges pop up. I smiled from ear to ear, when I saw them!

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Sally said...

I've never seen this one. I've seen the musical remake and I love it. It might be interesting to see the original though, for comparison's sake. Great review!