Sunday, February 14, 2010

365 Movies: The Actress Review

The Actress stars Jean Simmons, Spencer Tracy, Teresa Wright, and Anthony Perkins in this 1953 drama. The film is about a 17 year old girl(Simmons) whose life dream is to become an actress. Her Father(Tracy) wants his daughter to grow up in a traditional manner and not be so dreamy-eyed about the world of acting. He's stubborn and very traditional, while his wife(Wright) wants her daughter to fulfill her dream, only without her father knowing. Its an everyday type of story, with real events and real people. There isn't any need for over the top acting but throughout the film, just simplicity through the acting. This movie was pre-Psycho and it gave me a chance to see him in something else. He was rather good in it and I'm glad, there was more to him than just that role. Jean Simmons was not only lovely but did well as the starry-eyed teen. I thought it was interesting to see, Teresa so frumpy and slouchy. They aged her up to play Simmons' Mother, when in actuality she was only 12 years older than her. There were some parts that seemed to drag but overall, it's a good little film.

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Sarah said...

I watched this just for Tony (heh) and I was surprised at how much I liked it! It was a mediocre plotline but I was charmed by the characters.

I didn't know Theresa was only 12 years older than Jean!!