Tuesday, February 23, 2010

365 Movies: Any Wednesday Review

Any Wednesday stars Jane Fonda, Jason Robards, Dean Jones, and Rosemary Murphy in this 1966 comedy. The film is about naive Ellen Gordon(Fonda) who gets herself mixed up with the charming and sophisticated John Cleves(Robards). At first, Ellen resists the charms of John but when he comes to visit her at the hospital, the walls between the two fall and the two have an affair. On the brink of loosing her apartment, John agrees to pay for her home but makes it business property. Cass Henderson(Jones) is looking to speak with John about a possible new job proposition and is told to go to Ellen's apartment, because hotels are booked. Cass has no idea that the apartment is Ellen's and doesn't realize, what kind of mess, he just got himself into. When Ellen and Cass meet, they are exactly close but gradually they fall in love with each other. Cass' personality differs greatly from John's. Cass is a driven and ambitious younger man, while John is an arrogant and full of himself older man. Ellen is in love with two different types of people and it's difficult for her choose, which man she loves. I adored this movie! Seriously, so cute! Each and every time, Dean came on the screen I was smiling. He has such a sweet and adorable personality in the movie. He's such a nice guy, who doesn't mean any harm, while Jason's John is the complete opposite. This was a much better movie than Period of Adjustment. I had only one problem with the movie, and that was Jane's over the top crying fits but other than that, this movie was a gem!

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Raquelle said...

Why isn't this movie on DVD? I want to see it after your recommendation.