Saturday, February 27, 2010

365 Movies: Happy Landing Review

Happy Landing stars Sonja Henie, Don Ameche, Cesar Romero, and Ethel Merman in this 1938 film. The film is about Duke Sargeant(Romero), a band leader and his manager Jimmy Hall(Ameche) who are scheduled to appear in Paris, when they have a delay with their plane and end up making a stop in Norway to fill up on gas. While there, a young girl hopes to meet the man of her dreams and when she meets Duke, her heart is set. Duke, the womanizer he is leads the girl on until Jimmy and him escape. Mixed emotions occur and Duke's womanizing ways come to an end, when a former flame returns to his life. The film was too long and much too bland to enjoy. Although cute, Sonja lacks any acting talent. She is wonderful on the ice but with acting, she just couldn't do it. It attempts to come off as a Busby Berkeley rip-off and fails terribly. Don Ameche is at his usual awesomeness but even he couldn't save this movie.

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