Monday, February 1, 2010

365 Movies: I Love Melvin Review

I Love Melvin stars Donald O' Connor, Debbie Reynolds, Una Merkel, Richard Anderson, and Allyn Joslyn in this bland 1953 musical. The film is about young girl named Judy(Reynolds), who dreams of being a big star and having her name in lights. When Judy meets Melvin(O'Connor) a magazine photographer, who promises her those things, she feels her dreams are closer to her than they were before. I honestly didn't like this movie at all, not only was it quite bland and flaky but the songs were quite out of place. Reynolds and O'Connor, while great actors failed miserably in this musical and the two seemed more like brother and sister, than a couple. It was a musical that had the potential to be good, but just didn't come anywhere near it.

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