Friday, February 12, 2010

365 Movies: Little Women Review

Little Women stars Katharine Hepburn, Joan Bennett, Douglass Montgomery, Frances Dee, Jean Parker, Spring Byington, and Henry Stephenson in this 1933 movie. The movie is about four sisters, who have to endure the struggles of poverty and life during the Civil War. Each sister is different from one another- youngest Beth is a shy music loving girl, while her elder sister Amy is a snobby know-it-all. Jo is a tomboy, rough type of girl, who doesn't wish to grow up and Meg is the eldest and tries her hardest to be the rock. As much as I try to like the story of "Little Women", I just can't. I really really hate it, and I hate the character of Jo and Amy. Both are so obnoxious and when I see the simplicity of Meg and Beth, I just like the latter more. Jo is too headstrong and things have to go her way and Amy is too prissy and too concerned with her own well-being. My favorite character is actually none of the sisters, it's Laurie. He's such a fun loving, happy go lucky guy, you really fall for him instantly. I also adore Mr.Laurence and his sweet actions toward Beth. The acting was superb in the film but I just don't like the movie or the book. No matter how many times or what versions I watch of this movie, I won't like it.

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Maggie said...

I thought I would love this version since I typically like Katharine Hepburn, but I honestly think she didn't know that it was a movie, not a play. It was wayyyy overdone. I also didn't like the Beth. I love watchingthe different versions. The modern is actually my favorite, and I really like the June Allyson version too.