Thursday, February 25, 2010

365 Movies: Operation Petticoat Review

Operation Petticoat stars Cary Grant, Tony Curtis, Joan O' Brien, Dina Merrill, Dick Sargent, and Arthur O' Connell in this 1959 film. The film is about Lt. Cmdr Matt T. Sherman(Grant) and the misadventures, he deals with on his submarine. First, he has to deal with the troublesome Lt. JG Nicholas Holden(Curtis) and then a group of women is brought on broad without his permission. With all of that going down, Sherman also has to deal with the fact, that his submarine is now a bright pink. It tries really hard to be funny but falls short. There were a few funny moments but overall, it was quite bland and far too long. Cary Grant is wonderful and all but this movie was a doozy.

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Millie said...

Awww, sad! I love this movie.

For me it's one of those happy, mildly funny films that you can just fall asleep to...and Cary really is brilliantly hilarious as usual.

I think of it as a less funny, but happier ending version of Mister Roberts!


Artman2112 said...

i've never seen it, but did you know Tony Curtis wanted to make this with Cary Grant because he LOVED Destination Tokyo when he was younger?

Our Dancing Daughters is a great one! i'll be very happy when that trilogy gets released on dvd!

monty said...

Sorry that you didn't like Operation..I thought it was pretty good. But Nicole, trust me it is way better than the awful TV version of the 70's with John Astin and Jamie Lee Curtis.