Sunday, February 21, 2010

365 Movies: The Thrill of it All Review

The Thrill of it All stars Doris Day, James Garner, Elliot Reid, and Arlene Francis in this 1963 comedy. The film is about housewife, Beverly Boyer(Day) who is offered to appear on a commercial. Her husband, Dr. Gerald Boyer(Garner) isn't at all pleased with her appearing on television and when she embarrasses herself, he feels that everything, then can go back to normal. Wrong, the people soak up her real and exuberant personality and they want to see more of her, which means less time for the couple to be together. With his wife's new career, Gerald and Beverly's love life is tossed on the back burner. Gerald hates not being the man of the house and not having his wife around anymore, so he plots revenge on her to get her back. He pretends to be a floozy drunk, who is having an affair, just to make his wife come back to him. It's a fun movie to watch but at times, it can be a little over the top. I did love seeing Doris and James together, and they were superbly adorable. I loved being able to see so many television stars from Arlene Francis, to Alice Pearce, to Elliot Reid, to Hayden Rorke. It was like tv heaven! I did think though, that Arlene was miscast in the movie. She looks far too old to be having a child.

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Sarah said...

I must see this film! I love James Garner, he has such great comedic talent. Add Doris Day to that and I bet it's a real good comedy!

Thanks for the review!