Wednesday, February 10, 2010

365 Movies: Tonight and Every Night Review

Tonight and Every Night stars Rita Hayworth, Janet Blair, Lee Bowman, and Marc Platt in this 1945 movie. The movie is about theater that remains open during the London Blitz and they refuse to leave. Rosalind Bruce(Hayworth) and Judy Kane(Blair) are the two of the many actresses, who are determined to stay and entertain the soldiers. Tommy Lawson(Platt) soon joins the girls in the theater and while he falls for Rosalind, Judy's heart is breaking- she loves Tommy. Though, he wants her to feel the same way, Rosalind falls for Paul Lundy, a Squadron Leader(Bowman). It's difficult for Rosalind to deal with Paul because of the war going on. She in constantly worrying if he's okay and in the end, any fight that occurred between the two never mattered. This was a rather unexpected film for me. I was expecting it to be, a light-weight musical comedy but overall it had more depth and surrealism, than a lot of movies during the WWII period. This was my first chance, to Marc in a movie and I wasn't at all disappointed. His acting was very natural and real. I enjoyed it immensely watching him and Janet Blair together. They were wonderfully sweet together and the end scene with the two of them, is heart breaking. I admit fully, I teared up. This film also gave me the opportunity to see Lee Bowman and Rita Hayworth as a couple. They were previously in "Cover Girl" together but in the end, they didn't end up together. In this, they were matched perfectly together. They were so lovely to watch and I definitely consider Lee an underrated actor.

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