Sunday, March 28, 2010

365 Movies: Artists and Models Review

Artists and Models stars Jack Benny, Ida Lupino, Richard Arlen, and Gail Patrick in this 1937 musical comedy, directed Raoul Walsh. The film is about adman Mac Brewster(Benny) who is trying to impress a client of his, Alan Townshend(Arlen). He attempts to get his client to hire a model of his, Paula Sewell(Lupino) but just hearing of her, Alan is not interested. After hearing about this, Paula wants to meet the man who turned her down, so she goes down to Miami, where he's going to be at. I liked about 50% of this movie. The parts with Benny, Lupino, Arlen, and Patrick were wonderful but I absolutely hated the parts with Judy Canova and Ben Blue. I really felt they weren't needed in this movie and the random moments between them were very bizarre. The scenes between Arlen and Lupino were so sweet and I enjoyed seeing Benny and Patrick as a couple. Benny is so hysterical in this film and I loved the little jokes that he and Gail were saying about Jack Benny on the radio.

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