Wednesday, March 31, 2010

365 Movies: Bachelor Mother Review

Bachelor Mother stars Ginger Rogers, David Niven, Frank Albertson, and Charles Coburn in this delightfully sweet 1939 film. The film is about Polly Parrish(Rogers), an employee of Merlin's Department Store, who's life goes in an unexpected direction, when she finds a baby on a step. Immediately people believe the child is Polly's but there is nothing that Polly can do, to prove otherwise. It gets so bad, that her employer David Merlin(Niven) gets involved. This is about the sweetest and most adorable Ginger Rogers movie I've ever seen in my life. Each and every time, I see though, its like it's brand new to me. I find that I can quote quite a lot of the lines from the movie, such as "I don't care, who the father is, I'm the grandfather!" or "This Christmas or Last Christmas?". This film is so much fun to watch and Rogers and Niven make about the cutest couple!

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VKMfan said...

Great post, Nicole! Of course, this is one of my all-time faves, and Ginger's best 'comedic' role, IMHO...glad you liked it, too!
Keep up the good work... If I can manage to WATCH a movie or two a week, I feel pretty good, much less one a day, AND review it, too... great work!

Keep It Gingery!


Sally said...

Great post!! I've only recently discovered this movie and I'm completely, totally in love with it!

Amanda said...

I just watched this last week on TCM and thought it was fabulous. Too bad it's not available to purchase. Ginger was priceless.