Wednesday, March 24, 2010

365 Movies: The Big Sleep Review

The Big Sleep stars Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Martha Vickers, and Dorothy Malone in this 1946 film, directed by Howard Hawks. The film is about private eye, Philip Marlowe(Bogart)is hired by a rich elder man but things become far more complicated, than they started out as. Philip gets entangled in murder and blackmail and once he's in, there's no way out for him. The film has excellent dialog! It's witty and sarcastic but absolutely wonderful. The film seems to spin around in circles and had me confused me at times. It's a good suspense film but like I said, it can be confusing.

Review for Tomorrow: Brideshead Revisited

Tomorrow, I will be finally... finally writing my favorite actors list on here, so be prepared for the coolness to come! I promise to be blogging more on here, so keep your eyes open! :)


kallim said...

I absolutely love this film! New favorite, actually. I bought myself the Bogie and Bacall collection after watching both this one and To Have and Have Not. Great purchase! I also got it discounted a lot because I found coupons and had a gift card. Made the purchase even better for me! Always happy to get a deal!

Wendymoon said...

When you wrote about The Maltese Falcon being confusing, I thought: "Wait until she gets to The Big Sleep!"

It is a bit cryptic for a couple of reasons. One is due to censorship keeping things from being explicit. (The book is clearer and thus makes more sense.) Another reason is they cut some scenes (where Bogie explains to the police more of what's going on)in favor of more romantic stuff with Bacall. There are two versions of the movie available to watch and it's interesting seeing the differences.

Even a bit confusing, the movie is so enjoyable thanks to the dialog (like you mentioned) the performances, and the general feeling of the film. Love it!