Friday, March 19, 2010

365 Movies: Down to Earth Review

Down to Earth stars Rita Hayworth, Larry Parks, and Marc Platt in this 1947 musical. The film is about Goddess Terpsichore(Hayworth) who hears about a play, that is being done about herself and other goddesses. Completely dissatisfied with the thought of a play being done on her, Terpsichore goes down to earth to resolve the mess, but her heart gets tangled in a mess instead! This movie is so very silly but nonetheless it's entertaining. To me, it seemed Marc Platt had the most personality and energy compared to the rest of the cast. Larry dragged a little bit to me but he's not all that bad of an actor. The dance sequences are fun to watch but it's all over the place. If the play was ever made, I doubt anyone would see it, because of the constant changing and movements! It was very nutty! Rita's Terpsichore is a very strange and odd character, who shifts her personality too much for my liking.

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Kate Gabrielle said...

I don't like this movie too much but I always end up watching it when it's on TCM! lol. I think it would have been better with someone else in Larry Parks' role.. he isn't necessarily bad, but I just think he's kind of bland.

Nicole said...

I agree, I was trying to think of the right word but I think you nailed it. I do think, it would have been interesting to see Rita and Marc together as the couple. Lol

Anonymous said...

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Sally said...

I haven't seen this one. It's too bad that it wasn't that great because the plot sounds pretty cute. I do like Rita Hayworth, though, and I do love musicals, so I may just have to check it out next time it's on TCM. Great post!