Friday, April 23, 2010

365 Movies: Between Two Worlds Review

Between Two Worlds stars Paul Henried, Eleanor Parker, and John Garfield in this 1944 film. The film is about a group of people, who are set to leave to go to New York but are instantly killed, when a bomb hits the car, they are in. A married couple, not too far away, end their lives, after feeling they weren't getting anywhere. The group of people and the married couple meet on a ship, where they discover they are all dead. Henry and Ann Bergner(Henreid and Parker) know full well they are dead, but having to keep it secret from the rest of the people, is difficult. Tom Prior(Garfield), a cynical ex-foreign correspondent, figures out pretty quickly, what has happened. The storyline for this movie is so utterly fascinating! The cast is perfection and this film really gives you, an honest re-examination of your actions. It's a fine film and I'm really beginning to appreciate John Garfield, after being so negative about him, for so long. He did an excellent job in this film. I found that Paul and Eleanor were angelic and sweet to watch, especially after all that occurs, they still want to remain with one another. My favorite characters would have to be Mrs.Midget(Sara Allgood), Benjamin Cliveden-Banks(Gilbert Emery), Scrubby(Edmund Gwenn), and of course Reverend Tim Thompson(Sydney Greenstreet). It's a definite eye-opening film but greatly interesting to watch!

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