Tuesday, April 6, 2010

365 Movies: The Broadway Melody Review

The Broadway Melody stars Anita Page, Bessie Love, and Charles King in this 1929 film. The film is about sister act, The Mahoney Sisters who go to New York, hoping for their big break. Elder sister Hank(Love) watches and protects her little sister, Queenie(Page) but when men come between them, it's difficult for the two girls to regain the same happiness they felt before. Hank's steady boyfriend Eddie(King) helps the two girls find a job but he soon falls for Queenie, which complicates matters greatly. The story line is quite simple but I absolutely adore this movie. Page and Love are wonderful as Hank and Queenie and you can sympathize for both of the sisters. While one believes she's being unselfish, the other is breaking apart because of her sister's unhappiness. This is such a lovely film and even with the songs a bit off key, I still adore it!

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Artman2112 said...

its definitely creaky in parts but those two lovely and talented ladies make it all work. ever see the remake with Joan Blondell and Lana Turner?

Anonymous said...
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