Thursday, April 22, 2010

365 Movies: The Ghost Breakers Review

The Ghost Breakers stars Bob Hope, Paulette Goddard, Willie Best, Paul Lukas, Richard Carlson, and Anthony Quinn in this 1940 film. The film is about radio broadcaster, Larry Lawrence(Hope), who accidentally gets involved with a young woman(Goddard) and murder! While trying to get ready to leave to go to Cuba, Mary Carter(Goddard) gets several warnings about going, from phone calls to notes, but she doesn't listen. While setting herself up to leave, she meets Larry, who believes he killed a man outside of her room. The two bond pretty quickly and with them, they bring Larry's trusted confidante, Alex(Best) to Cuba. It's a fun and suspenseful film to watch and I greatly enjoyed seeing Paulette and Bob in a movie together. They were splendid! I find that Paulette is so utterly charming and a tad snappish, but I adore her. Willie Best plays his usual role but it's fun to see him as the quivering sidekick.

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Caftan Woman said...

Bob Hope slays me. His comic coward act is perfection.

Tom said...

love this movie. Willie Best is so funny in this.