Thursday, April 29, 2010

365 Movies: The Secret of My Success Review

The Secret of My Success stars James Booth, Lionel Jeffries, Shirley Jones, Honor Blackman, and Stella Stevens in this 1965 film. The film is about Arthur Tate(Booth), a bumbling idiot, who falls madly for every suspect he meets. Stupidly, without looking further into the cases, Arthur lets the madcap women go and then when everything is done and finished, he realizes they may have been guilty after all. The Secret of My Success is very much like a spoof and there are quite a few laughs, but overall I felt it was dry. I didn't find James Booth to be anything remarkable, but then again, the film wasn't anything special either. The three leading ladies are utterly charming and wonderful to watch. Lionel Jeffries did wonderful as the multiple characters in the film, from Inspector Hobart to President Esteda, he was fun to watch.

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Artman2112 said...

never saw it but that's sure some great poster art by Frank Frazetta!