Tuesday, May 18, 2010

365 Movies: How to Steal a Million Review

How to Steal a Million stars Audrey Hepburn, Peter O' Toole, Hugh Griffith, Eli Wallach, and Charles Boyer in this 1966, William Wyler film. Nicole's(Hepburn) Father(Griffith) is an art forger, and no matter how many times, Nicole complains about him doing it, he refuses to listen. Thinking it's a good idea, Nicole's Father gives a museum a forged sculptured that his Father did, not realizing that would have to test it. Scared for her Father, Nicole hires a burglar to help her get the sculpture back, so her Father won't be in trouble. The man she asks for help, is a very charming and attractive man named Simon Dermott(O'Toole) who isn't actually a burglar, but is a private detective, who looks into stolen paintings. His mind changes completely, when he meets Nicole and the two instantly connect. This is a fun and cool film to watch from the beginning to the end. Peter and Audrey are so much fun to watch and they are soooooo adorable in this movie. I really loved seeing Hugh Griffith as Audrey's Father and the bit part with Charles Boyer. Eli Wallach was absolutely marvelous as usual.

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