Wednesday, May 12, 2010

365 Movies: It's a Gift Review

It's a Gift stars W.C. Fields, Kathleen Howard, and Tommy Bupp in this 1934 film. The film is about Harold Bissonette(Fields), whom after finding out about his Uncle's death, decides to buy an orange ranch, without his wife's approval. His wife is mean, selfish, and a nagging woman, who wants things to go her way, and when they don't, she screams about it. Following right beside her in annoyance, is their son, Norman(Bupp), whose voice sounds like he's shrieking. His young and beautiful daughter, Mildred(Jean Rouverol) is far too distracted by her beau, to pay much attention to anything else. With a perfectly annoying family, Harold brings the hilarity and laughter to each and every situation. When he is tired of his wife whining and complaining, Harold decides to go out on the porch and sleep, and everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. This was a fun film but a lot of characters were irritating to no end. W.C. Fields is very funny in this, and I found myself laughing a lot more, than I expected. I didn't think, it would be all that good, after seeing him in "My Little Chickadee", but I realized he was actually quite funny. "My Little Chickadee" is the only other Fields movie, I've seen and I wasn't too hip on it; mainly because of Mae West. This film was a whole lot better than Chickadee and a whole lot funnier as well.

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Artman2112 said...

my all-time fave Fields film, totally hilarious!!

Artman2112 said...

i should have added that "Man on a Flying Trapeze" is pretty much just as funny and worth a look if you liked this one. he paints a nice picture of family life doesnt he? lol!