Friday, May 21, 2010

365 Movies: Johnny Apollo Review

Johnny Apollo stars Tyrone Power, Dorothy Lamour, Edward Arnold, Lloyd Nolan, and Charley Grapewin in this 1940 film. After his Father(Arnold) is sent to prison for embezzlement, Bob Cain(Power) tries to look for a job, in order to get his Father out. Accidentally Bob gets involved with the wrong crowd and is soon involved with a gang. The leader of the pack, Mickey Dwyer(Nolan) instantly connects with the kid and the two become close. Mickey's girl, Lucky(Lamour) finds herself very attracted to Bob and when she sees, that Bob is falling into deep, she tries to help. First and foremost, I love late 30's/early 40's gangster films and this fits right into that category. I loved seeing Tyrone and Lloyd playing such different characters. With Tyrone, I'm used to seeing the swashbuckling hero, but in this, he has a bit of a dirty side to him. I found it very interesting to see him play this role, and I thought he did it excellently. With Lloyd, I'm used to seeing him play an authority figure, but in this, he's so bad. I loved seeing him play such a despicable character. He was more versatile than Hollywood gave him credit for.

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