Monday, May 10, 2010

365 Movies: The Patsy Review

The Patsy stars Marion Davies, Marie Dressler, Orville Caldwell, Dell Henderson, Lawrence Gray, and Jane Winton in this 1928 film. The film is about Pat Harrington(Davies) who just doesn't seem to have much luck. While her sister(Winton) is pretty, she isn't at all nice to Pat and often times, she treats her badly. Identical to her sister, is her nasty and selfish Mother(Dressler), who has more concern for her "pretty'' daughter, that she hardly pays any attention to Pat. The one person who seems to treat her nicely is her Father(Henderson), who also gets mistreated by the two women. This film had an almost "Cinderella" type feel to it. Pat's Sister and Mother are like the ugly step-sisters, who are constantly worried about themselves, instead of concerning themselves with others. This is a very sweet film, that I can relate to, quite a bit! Marion is not only wonderfully cute in this, but she's also hilarious. I love the scene, when she's dressing up like Lillian Gish. I also loved the part, when she acts like she's crazy and it drives her Mother and Sister insane. One word, that fits this movie perfectly is CUTE!

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Sally said...

Cute is always a good description word! Now I know I'll like it! Great review!