Wednesday, May 26, 2010

365 Movies: Vigil in the Night Review

Vigil in the Night stars Carole Lombard, Brian Aherne, Anne Shirley, and Peter Cushing in this 1940, George Stevens film. After taking the blame for her sister, Anne Lee(Lombard) transfers to another hospital. When she shows up to the hospital, no one knows about her past, and it looks like everything make work out for the better except it doesn't. A nurse who worked with her at the previous hospital, tries to tell the head nurse about what occurred, but an accidents happens. After the accident, Anne is promoted and once again, things are looking better but once again, her life is thrown off. Her life is never quite normal and is constantly filled with scandal. All Anne, is trying to do, is her job but with her past constantly catching up to her, its difficult to think of the future. Anne's sister, Lucy(Shirley) never takes the blame for what happens, and instead allows her older sister, Anne to be ridiculed for it. It's a good melodrama with a smashing cast. Carole plays the sweet and determined Anne, whose only wish in life is to do her job to her best ability. She is so selfless, and even if it hurts her reputation and career, she will do it, because she knows it'll help her sister. With a rather small role in this, Anne Shirley was wonderful, but I wish she was in it a tad more. Brian Ahern was excellent as always!

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