Tuesday, June 8, 2010

365 Movies: City Lights Review

City Lights stars Charles Chaplin and Virginia Cherrill in this 1931, Chaplin film. The Tramp(Chaplin) instantly falls for a poor blind girl(Cherrill) and tries everything in his power to make her life better. The blind girl unknowingly thinks that the Tramp is in fact a rich man, and she finally feels things are going to work out for her, but the Tramp is nothing but poor himself. In this very sweet and simple Chaplin silent film, I found myself crying and smiling throughout the entire film. Chaplin is such a genius and this in my opinion, is one of his best! Virginia is so lovely to look at, but the whole film belongs to Chaplin. An excellent and funny silent film, that I adored watching!

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Pola said...

I just love this film! I am all in tears at the end - it is just so beautiful!
Reportedly Jean Harlow is one of the extras in the restaurant scene - but I still haven't found her. Did you?

vagabondshoes said...

I love this film - one of my favorite films of all time. glad you liked it too!

Artman2112 said...

that film is pure Chaplin genius. even if the rest of the film was horrible, the final scene with the blind girl is so touching and so beautifully played by Chaplin that is would be worth sitting through it just for that. but the fact is, its a masterpiece from beginning to end.
Pola the ending ALWAYS leaves me a mess too, it is just so tender and beautifully done.