Tuesday, June 1, 2010

365 Movies: Doctor in the House Review

Doctor in the House stars Dirk Bogarde, Muriel Pavlow, Kenneth More, and Donald Sinden in this 1954 film. Destined to become a Doctor, Simon Sparrow goes through medical school, to accomplish his goal. Simon meets a group of guys, that he immediately connects with. Also he connects with Joy(Pavlow) a nurse, but they connect in a romantic manner. It's a charming and fun British film. Dirk is so handsome in this, and he charms the screen. I've never seen Muriel before, but she was very pretty and quite good. I loved the boys in this movie, they were so funny!

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Kate said...

I love this movie (obviously lol) I think my favorite in the Doctor series though is Doctor in Distress, the last one :)