Saturday, June 19, 2010

365 Movies: For Me and My Gal Review

For Me and My Gal stars Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, and George Murphy in this 1942, Busby Berkeley film. When Jo Hayden(Garland) first meets Harry Palmer(Kelly), she has an instant dislike for him. Harry, is quite opposite of Jo. He cares more about himself and his career, than anything else, and that infuriates Jo to no end. When Jo's partner, Jimmy(Murphy) watches Jo and Harry singing and dancing together, he decides that there act is done. When Harry and Jo team up, they are complete magic and mesh so well together. With their very opposite personalities, Harry and Jo fall for one another pretty quickly, with the latter falling harder. This is definitely one of my all-time favorite musicals that I've ever seen. It's not only charming and sweet, but Gene and Judy are about the cutest. They mesh so well together, and every bit that they have together, they electrify the scene. With the three movies, that they made together, this is by far my favorite. This isn't just another musical; this musical to me has a lot more character and depth to it, which makes it so charming. I could definitely watch this movie over and over again. It's a feel good film from the minute you start it up!

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vagabondshoes said...

one of my favorite films of all time! it was this movie that caused me to fall in love with Judy Garland. I love how sweet it is, but it isn't sappy at all!