Thursday, June 10, 2010

365 Movies: Woman's World Review

Woman's World stars June Allyson, Clifton Webb, Van Heflin, Lauren Bacall, Fred MacMurray, Arlene Dahl, Cornel Wilde, and Elliott Reid. Three men are sent to New York with their wives for a possible promotion. Their boss, Mr. Gifford(Webb) selects Jerry(Heflin), Bill(Wilde), and Sid(MacMurray) as the possibilities for the job. He also keeps an eye out for their wives, Katie(Allyson), Elizabeth(Bacall), and Carol(Dahl). He watches both husband and wife to see how they react and whether or not, he thinks they are suitable for the job. It seemed to drag and it didn't have much of a storyline going on. The characters all seemed quite drab and none seemed interesting to watch, the entire way through. Elliott had a rather small role as Mr. Gifford's nephew but even he was blah in this movie. It was so very boring and I don't think, I'll be watching it any time soon.

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Amanda said...

While the film does drag, it is somewhat of a window into a different time when a hostess wife was integral to a man's job.

The costumes were wonderful 50s chic.