Tuesday, July 13, 2010

365 Movies: The Bride Walks Out Review

The Bride Walks Out stars Barbara Stanwyck, Gene Raymond, and Robert Young in this 1936 film. After deciding to marry, Carolyn(Stanwyck) and Michael(Raymond) start off on a bumpy road. Before they marry, Carolyn quits her job because Michael wants to bring in the bucks. Both of them disagree on money issues, and most of the time, Carolyn keeps the money issues quiet from Michael. When Carolyn and Michael get into bit of a scuffle, they meet a drunken playboy, who instantly falls for Carolyn's charms. With such a perfect cast, what could possibly go wrong? Oh yeah, it was a tad sexist! There was so many little comments that were so sexist and wrong, that I couldn't believe they would allow such lines in a movie. The storyline was fairly weak but I did think Robert was absolutely charming as the drunk.

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* R e N a * said...

Good to know! I've never seen this one but Barbara is one of my favorite actresses =) I'll have to watch it someday!