Tuesday, July 20, 2010

365 Movies: The Feminine Touch Review

The Feminine Touch stars Rosalind Russell, Don Ameche, Van Heflin, and Kay Francis in this 1941, W.S. Van Dyke film. Fearing her husband isn't in love with her anymore, Julie(Russell) tries to make him jealous, but not with much effort. Julie finds that she is becoming more jealous over her husband(Ameche) and Nellie(Francis) than she is, at getting him jealous. It's a fun romantic comedy, but the story-line doesn't hold much for me. I thought the pairing of Ameche and Russell was absolutely genius, and they worked splendidly together. As supporting players, I thought Francis and Heflin did exceptionally well, though they were a tad wacky.

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* R e N a * said...

one of my friends is obsessed with Roz. I've just seen 2 of her films but I guess I should see more to find out why my friend loves her that much!
The story sounds good so I'll look for it =)