Sunday, July 18, 2010

365 Movies: Our Blushing Brides Review

Our Blushing Brides stars Joan Crawford, Anita Page, Robert Montgomery, and Dorothy Sebastian in this 1930 film. Three young women vie for love from three rich men, but don't realize until after, that there dream guys aren't exactly who they claim to be. Joan Crawford's character is so odd, and she never gives Robert's character a real chance, until the very end of the film. Her character is very depressing and annoying, and I found myself sympathizing more with Robert's character. Anita was absolutely marvelous! The film though, seemed way too long and it probably could have been half an hour shorter.

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Artman2112 said...

this film is best appreciated when view as a 'trilogy' of sorts with "Our Dancing Daughters" and "Our Modern Maidens" which came before it and were both silent films. It is fascinating to see Crawford's image transform from the care-free flapper of the silent days to the more world weary depression era woman that she would embody throughout the early to mid 1930's at MGM. i agree though Anita Page is marvelous, in all 3 films actually she steals the show. what a remarkable actress she was!