Friday, July 16, 2010

365 Movies: Stepping Out Review

Stepping Out stars Charlotte Greenwood, Leila Hyams, and Reginald Denny in this 1931 film. Unhappy that their husbands seem to be paying to work and women, Sally(Greenwood) and Eve(Hyams) decide to leave but complications arise. Tubby(Harry Stubbs) and Tom(Denny) love their wives but when a pretty lady passes by, and gives them some attention, they run for them, especially Tubby. It was so much fun to see Charlotte and Leila in such fun roles, especially Charlotte. Charlotte was witty and fun, and Leila was absolutely charming to watch. I couldn't even understand how, Reggie's character could have fallen for someone else, when his wife was Leila! Overall, it wasn't too bad of a film, with a stellar cast!

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