Monday, December 13, 2010

The Perfect Book If You Want An Adventure, Old Movie Style

Just recently, I finished reading the adventure/romance book, "Jack and the Jungle Lion", written by Stephen Jared. Though, it's a fairly new book, it has a bit of a classic adventure, on the edge of your seat type feeling, that a lot of the older books have. The book is about movie star, Jack Hunter, a suave and witty gentleman, who is set to go to the amazon for his next movie. Problems occur almost immediately, when the pilot of the plane has an apparent heart attack, and the plane then has to take, an emergency landing. Jack's not the only one, who was on the plane, also on board are the drunken co-pilot, Clancy and animal trainer, Max and her two kids, Tyler and Lindy. Jack tries to remain hero, like he does in his movies, but Max always knocks him down a peg, bringing him down to reality. It's a fun and well written book, that I really enjoyed reading. While reading, I could completely envision who the characters would be. As Jack, I could completely picture Cary Grant, as Maxine, I could picture Carole Lombard and as Clancy, I envisioned Thomas Mitchell as the drunken buddy. Overall, the book is a lot of fun to read, and it has the perfect amount of adventure in it, to make it interesting, without being cheesy. Definitely recommend to my fellow old movie lovers. Hope you all enjoy!

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Mercurie said...

Wow. It really sounds like it could've been a movie from the Thirites, directed by Michael Curtiz no less!