Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekly Review: Marlene by Charlotte Chandler

I was recently given the chance to read the newly released "Marlene", by Charlotte Chandler. I was more than excited to start reading this book, because before I read this, I didn't know much about the actress. The book is an easy read and through the biography, I almost felt like I was sitting right there, with Ms. Dietrich. Her life was so fascinating and interesting, and the biography shined a different on the actress. While sometimes, selfish(but only towards her looks) Marlene had more affection and consideration for others, than many celebrities of her or of now. What she did during World War II is completely remarkable to me, and shows what an incredible human being, Dietrich. Through this biography, I was able to see the real Dietrich and I have so much respect for her. What an incredible person!

Rating for the book: A+

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting. I read the biography "Joan Crawford. Not the Girl Next Door" by Charlotte Chandler. And I'd like to read her book about Marlene Dietrich (after I finish reading the autobiography)