Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Annette Hanshaw

A few days ago, I was really dying to listen to some 1920's/1930's and I couldn't possibly think of one particular singer to listen to, so I browsed on iTunes to see what I could find, and that is where I found Annette Hanshaw. I knew of her a while ago, thanks to my very good friend Kate, but I didn't really hear many of her songs until now. Now I haven't heard every song of hers, but gosh is she amazing or what??? If you aren't familiar with her, I'm here to introduce you to her songs and get you guys acquainted with her wonderful songs! I hope you all enjoy and even if you already have heard of her, just bask in her loveliness. :) 
"Would You Like to Take a Walk? - My absolute favorite song of hers!

"You'll Always be the Same Sweetheart to Me"

"You're the One I Care For"

"Am I Blue?"


VP81955 said...

My favorite of hers in "Big City Blues."

Lauren said...

I love Annette Hanshaw! My ringtone for my husband is her version of "You're the Cream in My Coffee." There are a bunch of her recordings on the Internet Archive, by the way.

"That's all!" ;-)

Nomad said...

Lovely :) x