Monday, March 18, 2013

Top 4 Movie Characters That I Would Marry In A Heartbeat...

I know that everyone who watches a movie will tell you of a character that he or she has had a crush on at some point. I thought it would be fun to tell you some of my favorite movie character crushes, and if you want you can post a comment telling me who your crushes were as well. Enjoy!

4.) Peter Lawford as Laurie in "Little Women"(1949)
His character is so much fun and romantic and every single time I watch this movie I get so irritated and mad at Jo(June Allyson) for treating him so poorly. He is such a sweet guy and quite a dish as well! 

3.) Peter Lawford as Tommy Marlowe in "Good News"(1947)
Yet again, Lawford is teamed up with Allyson again and their chemistry exudes off the screen as well. I love that his character, Tommy is so oblivious that he doesn't realize the wonderful girl right in front of him. His character is very charming and will go to anything to get the girl of his dreams. Who doesn't love when Tommy and Connie(June Allyson) sing "The French Song". My gosh they should have sung more songs together! I also don't want to forget to mention that amazing accent of Lawford. My gosh every time I hear his voice, I squeal with excitement. He was so adorably handsome. 

2.) Jeff Daniels as Tom Baxter and Gil Shepherd in "The Purple Rose of Cairo"(1985)
When the audience first meets Tom Baxter, he actually comes off quite bland but once he pops off the screen and charms the pants off of Mia Farrow's character, he's a different man. As charming as Tom Baxter is, Gil Shepherd is the real one and the man who expresses his feelings to the fullest. The ending  is so depressingly sad but honest and true. 

1.) Jeffrey Lynn as Felix Dietz in "Four Daughters"(1938)
Before I mention anything about Felix's actions, I just want to point out how awesomely amazing his name is- Felix Dietz! That is just such a grand name but what works best in his favor is how he always stands by Ann Lemp(Priscilla Lane) throughout everything. He is such a stand up guy and who doesn't love a guy who can make you smile?? Not only can this guy make you smile when you are having a bad day but he's such a handsome fella, you will soon forget your troubles ever existed when he's around.  In my honest opinion, Felix exudes all of the qualities that I like in a guy. He's a genuine guy who never ever loses sight of what he truly wants in life. If there ever was a guy like Felix Dietz out there in the world, I'd probably faint. You seldom see gentleman anymore in this society. 


Elena said...

Great post!! Where do you see all this beautiful movies? :3!

tea said...

I have to watch Good News then!

Anonymous said...

I loved this! One of my own crushes would be Jack Lemmon in "It Should Happen to You". -Jennifer